5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Skin This Winter

As the warmer months leave us to usher in sweater weather, its best to keep an eye out for the signs of dehydration in the skin. Scaly skin, rough patches, chapped lips, itchy skin, breakouts… sound familiar? Then listen up for some tips on how to claim healthy, happy and hydrated skin as the winter weather begins to set in! 

Layer up on moisture

First and foremost, prioritizing not only moisturizing your skin morning and night, but using a QUALITY hydrator is must. Moisturizer is an important aspect of all skincare routines so this should be ramped up in the colder months. Layering serums & moisturisers will give you the best effect, ensuring that the skin is adequately hydrated so your skin looks vibrant and healthy. Plus – a moisturized skin will behave better by producing healthier skin cells.

Dry skin can lead to skin effects such as:

  • Dullness
  • Itchiness
  • Increased appearance of fine lines
  • Sunken eyes
  • Dark circles 

We recommended using a moisturizer that contains high quality ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, pure squalene, peptides and many more. An easy way to add in more moisturize to your life is layering hydrators. Serums that contain hydrating ingredients can be applied before a moisturizer and are ideal to plump your skin throughout the day or night! Cellbone offers 3 Hydrating serums in addition to a wide selection of moisturizers.


Moist Seal: A light, oil-free serum which acts as a vehicle for other active serums allowing them to penetrate the skin rapidly, sealing in moisture & leaving the skin hydrated and supple.  

Hyaluronic Skin Gel: An intensely hydrating, clear, oil-free serum that binds moisture in your skin.

Hydra SQ+: A clear, oil type yet non-greasy serum with powerful yet natural moisturising ingredients which are a natural component of human skin sebum (oil). It has a lightweight, silky texture and can completely and rapidly penetrate the skin very deeply in less than 2 seconds, leaving no greasy after feel.

Never skip the SPF 

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, never skip out on the SPF! The sun, even through the colder months, still has detrimental effects on the skin if not protected correctly. Exposure to UV light can exacerbate dry skin conditions, and we all know sunburn dries out your skin by depleting the skin’s natural supply of oils. Keep your skin protected and hydrated with Cellbone’s SPF 45+ Moisturising Cream, a UVA/UVB protectant that offers multiple hydrating and anti-ageing properties.  

Schedule that skin treatment that requires downtime.

The colder months is a great time to schedule in a skin treatment that involves a little more downtime. The summer heat can be tricky to manage in conjunction with skin peels or laser treatments, so skip the stress of risking unwanted post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and book your treatments ahead of time for the winter season. Treatments such as IPL skin rejuvenation or IPL hair removal, laser therapy to target pigmentation and broken capillaries.

Don’t neglect the eye area

The dry weather calls for extra moisture in areas like the eyes. Cellbone has multiple eye products that are suitable for hydrating this delicate skin. Increasing hydration also sees to improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as reducing puffiness and dark circles. See some of the products below:


Collagen Peptide XE: A clinically advanced liquid eye serum designed to be applied under eye cream as an added boost for tired, puffy eyes.   

Eye Complex:  A light-textured formula containing potent concentrations of collagen strengthening ingredients designed for the delicate eye tissue. 

Eye Contour: A cocktail of vital peptides which help to instantly boost brightness in the tissue surrounding the eyes resulting in reduction of dark circles & puffiness. 

Take fish oil

New point-and-shoot method can measure omega-3 levels in fish oil at every  step of supply chain

Omega’s 3 are an essential fatty acid that our body’s do not produce, meaning it can only be absorbed through diet. The lipids in our diet are essential to provide hydration to our skin and keep it looking and behaving healthily. Omega-3 from fish oil keeps the body’s sebum nutritionally fluid and hydrating for the skin. Fish oil is also extremely beneficial for the health of many other major systems of the body including the brain and nervous system. Capsules or liquid form, a quality fish oil will provide radiance to your skin from the inside out.

By Riley McDonald 
Dermal therapist at CosmediSpa