Collagen Cleansing Gel

A gentle, non-abrasive, foaming cleanser suitable for all skin types that removes makeup and dirt from the skin.

RRP $55

Collagen Rice Scrub

A powerful exfoliating scrub combining AHA’S with antioxidants allowing a deep exfoliation whilst maintaining a healthy glowing complexion. 


Collagen Clay Mask

A rejuvenating, mineral rich, clay mask containing 5% AHA that exfoliates and replenishes the skin.


Mandelic Skin Refresher/Toner

An active liquid exfoliator and ‘after cleanse’ astringent which is loaded with AHA’S and BHA’S which allow for exfoliation of dead skin cells leaving fresh new skin.

RRP $55

Collagen Skin Refresher/Toner

A  liquid exfoliator and ‘after cleanse’ astringent which is loaded with AHA’S, BHA’S, antibacterial and anti – inflammatory ingredients.

RRP $55

Collagen Mask

A lifting and firming mask that contains cutaneous messengers for reconstruction and repair.This active mask promotes a healthy and youthful complexion.

RRP $60

Mandelic Gel Mask

With 10% Mandelic acid this clarifying gel mask exfoliates the pores and lightens and brightens a dull complexion.

RRP $60

Mandelic Cleansing Gel

An active foaming cleanser that aids in removing makeup and excess dirt and sebum. this cleanser actively exfoliates dead skin making it great for oily and congested skins.

RRP $59