How To Layer Your Skincare

Skincare has become an integral part of achieving and maintaining your best skin – but the order to apply varying serums and moisturisers can become confusing. There is an order to follow to best apply your skincare and get the optimum use out of all your skincare goodies! 

The skincare market is saturated with an array of serums that all claim different ingredients and strengths – so first things first is ensuring you have a trusted clinician and skincare brand that actually works. It is wise to mention too that using the same brand of products is typically ideal as these products are designed to be used in conjunction with one another. Harmonious skincare = happy skin. Always, always, always, start with a clean base. A double cleanse using your favorite cleanser to remove the dirt and debris from the day or night will ensure the best penetration of skincare ingredients.

The #1 rule of applying skincare is to begin with the lightest product and layer from there. This will most likely be in serum form – serums contain the active ingredients that are used to improve skin conditions. Between layers allow for at least 1-2 minutes for the applied serum to dry before going onto the next product. A simple way to find out your order of serums (not including asking your skin therapist) is by applying some on a piece of paper or the back of your hand and seeing which products drip the fastest – there’s your answer! The product application goes from lightest (runniest) to slowest (thickest). Your moisturiser is the last step, remembering always a hydrator that contains SPF in the morning.

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Everyone will require a tailored home care regie dependent on their skin condition, but a great example of an ideal morning routine will begin with a double cleanse, we love the Cellbone Collagen Cleanser for a foamy fresh clean base. To target hydration & ageing – the C10 Vitamin C serum is applied then Hydra Repair Skin Gel, topped off with the SPF 45 Moisturising cream.

Another question is when to add your exfoliant – well a healthy skin will actually exfoliate itself, and the use of serums like retinols and Vitamin C’s will assist in this process. Everyone needs a little helping hand every now and again so using an exfoliant on your skin 1-2 times per week may be needed. We suggest the Collagen rice Scrub which is ideal to gently buff dead skin cells away to avoid build up. An acne prone skin would benefit from an exfoliating mask like the Mandelic Lucent Clarifying Gel.


If you’re still confused – come in and see the friendly team at Cellbone Australia or phone the clinic to discuss your skincare regime. Layering skincare is easy and we can help you create a stress-free routine that you can sustainably complete everyday!

By Riley McDonald 
Dermal therapist at CosmediSpa