An Acne-prone Must Have

Experiencing acne can be a downer, however there are many amazing ingredients and products out there working toward the clear skin you so desire! Whether you’re targeting inflammation, sensitivity congestion or an acne-flare, there’s a little bottle out their ready to improve your skin. The best thing to focus on is gentle, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial ingredients. When we are using the correct skincare, not only do we reduce the signs of inflammation but prevent scarring and further breakouts.

An ingredient deigned for acne-prone skin in the Cellbone range is the revolutionary “Bodyfensin” featured in our Hydra Defense Advanced Skin Hydration Gel. This new peptide is a leap forward in successfully treating acne by   reinforcing the skin’s immunity through lowering the risk of infection from internal and external agents. By rebalancing microbial growth and eliminating infection, Bodyfensin is natural defense against acne and breakouts.

The multi-faceted Hydra Defense does so much more:

  •  Contains an ingredient that enhances transdermal penetration, allowing the active ingredients to work on a cellular level within the skin. 
  • Contains hydrators that moisturize the skin without congesting. 
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial Fireweed Flower Extract to soothe and calm skin, assisting with the natural course of healing.
  • Natural antioxidants reduce redness and can even be used after sun to decrease irritation in less than 30 min.

The ideal application is 2-3 drops onto the face in the morning and evening. This is followed with a zinc-based SPF to protect your skin throughout the day. In the evening, Hydra Defense Gel can be used on its own or followed with the Avocado Moisturizer for additional hydration!

By Riley McDonald 

Dermal Therapist

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