Hyaluronic Hero

Hyaluronic acid is a word you may see plastered over advertisements promoting hydrated and soft skin. But what is it really? This mouthful of a product is quite popular for all the right reasons!

You guessed it – its hydrating to the max! Just a few drops of this serum provides enough hydration to last all day and binds moisture to the cells o the skin. How does it do that? Well, hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the human body – so because of this it is easily recognisable and absorbed. This gooey, slipper substance is produced throughout the body, but mainly at the eyes, joints, and skin. It provides a slip for our joints, so our bones don’t grind together.

1 quarter teaspoon of Hyaluronic Acid holds one and a half gallons of water!

Sweet and simple, Cellbone’ s Hyaluronic Acid Gel contains just that… pure hyaluronic acid! 

Its water-retaining ability is often used as a remedy for dry eyes.  Providing an optimum level of hydration, you can see why its such a popular ingredient in serums, plus its oil free!  Scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of scars and assist in wounds healing faster – Hyaluronic Acid Gel is a staple in a great hydrating homecare prescription of products.

Is this product for me?

YES! Hyaluronic acid gel is safe for everyone to use. We recommend applying 2-3 drops onto the face in the morning and evening – after your targeted serums and before any thicker moisturisers. It’s a great product to mix with your other Cellbone hydrators to enhance moisture levels too so add a drop to the SPF 30 or mix in with a skin luminiser and dab onto the high points of the face (brow bone, temples, cheekbones & cupids bow). 

By Riley McDonald 

Dermal therapist at CosmediSpa

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