What Are Nanosomes In Skincare?

What Are Nanosomes In Skincare

Nanotechnology is one the latest and greatest advancements in cosmeceutical skincare products.

But what exactly is it? A nanosome is a miniscule particle able to slip through the surface of the skin with zero resistance. This means bigger and better penetration of ingredients! Often times products can sit on top of our skin, causing clogging or not absorbing as they should due to build up of debris on the skin.

The nutrient rich nanosome copper peptide antioxidant serum offers collagen inducing benefits by stimulating the fibroblasts cells (responsible for collagen and elastin production). These anti-inflammatory, healing, and restorative proteins are derived from stem cells. Nanotechnology is often used is products such as retinol and niacinamide serums.

As a dermal therapist and user of skincare, you want to deliver the best possible ingredients straight to the layers of skin. By using professional grade products this can be achieved. Nanoparticles allow for potent ingredients to be delivered into the skin for maximum effect. If the skin doesn’t absorb it – there’s no result!

Copper peptides in particular have been known for their incredible healing effect on the skin. They deep dive straight to the dermis where they stimulate your glycosaminoglycans to improve that beautiful complexion. This creates a more hydrated, healed and happy complexion. Copper peptides is a non-negotiable after any invasive treatments to increase healing and is included in our recommended pre & post treatment regime!

We often get asked, how can I take my skin to the next level? Well, the Nanosome Copper Peptide Antioxidant Serum is capable of just that. The potential of this liquid is nothing short of miraculous!

By Riley McDonald 

Dermal Therapist

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