“You are what you eat”

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We’ve all heard that saying right? “You are what you eat”

– body parts that are connected affect each other ??? (MIND BLOWN) !! And yet some people still don’t quite get it..

The gut microbiome is an important determinant of human health and the state of disease and has been a topic of discussion for centuries.

Our gut works hard to keep all the crap out (technical word is toxins) all the while absorbing the readily required nutrients for our growth and survival. The gut holds a small ecosystem of around 1-2kg of balanced bacteria that help manufacture some vitamins, absorb minerals, digest food groups and fight off pathogens (sort of gross but also VERY COOL). The good bacteria are not permanent and their virulence is determined by the foods we eat (also benefit from small words of encouragement like “you can do it”). Improvements to our healthy working gut has been proven to increase our overall energy, mood, our immune systems functioning capability AND our skin health . Additionally poor gut health has been linked to diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity and from recent research acne vulgaris. So it would make sense that gut health would be one of the very first things we assess and address when confronted with a clients skin issue/concerns.

I want to be honest here I see it too often, a client striving for amazing skin via a monthly microdermabrasion and facial creams meanwhile chowing down on Maccas and a energy drink prior to their 3pm appointment, but not before they smoke a dart.

Unfortunately I see this way more than I fancy and I think its important that we as field clinicians and educators, EDUCATE our clients on this topic so that they start to understand the importance and also that great, healthy, glowing skin might only be a friggin Kombucha and a Lactoferrin away!!

What the bloody hell are you absorbing?

Are you like the lady I described above? Or are you fuelling your body with lots of fibre, green leafy vegetables and proteins rich in Omegas.

I like to think about it this way – Do you see your body as an old Datsun or do you see it as a Bugatti? (not to toot my own horn or anything *pun intended* I am definitely the latter) Okay now would you fill your Bugatti up with 91 standard or 98 premium?

Well the same works with your body. I said it in my last blog – eat a variety of foods in a variety of colours. The skin is the last organ to receive any nutrients so if you aren’t eating many great nutrients at all, your body will prioritise where these nutrients will go and its safe to say your skin will miss out (sad face)

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Chew your food and enjoy your meal – take the time to eat it. Your grandma was only thinking of your gut health when she told you these things!!

When you sit down to eat a meal you allow your body the time to stimulate the enzymes needed to digest your food and you’re also not in a stressful state so your gut can focus on doing what it needs to do – SO CHILL.

Encourage good gut Bacteria

These guys are working round the clock, 24/7, 7 days a week with no break and in a strange environment just for us – so the least we can do is support them (“you can do it”).

Alcohol, gluten, processed foods and some sugars are all foreign substances to the body warranting a small immune response that stimulates inflammation. This happening frequently over a long period of time is detrimental to the gut and the good bacteria in our gut – so if you can, stop the maccas and the energy drinks please and thank you!

Supportive proven supplements that promote good gut health are also a must – This is an example of exactly that. Medlab have a product called Lactoferrin Enhanced, “ablend of lactoferrin, probiotics, zinc and olive leaf extract used to support a healthy immune response and regulate gastrointestinal health. Lactoferrin is a naturally occurring glycoprotein found in mucosal secretions, human milk and colostrum. It is a component of the innate immune response and protects against a variety of pathogens. Lactoferrin provides anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity”.

Support the homies!!

Other gut supportive ingredients include kombucha (fun to make yourself, all you need is a Scobi), kimchi (the strange fermented stuff in a bottle that your better instinct is telling you not to eat but actually tastes good on a sandwich) and yogurt. These are all probiotics that will promote healthy bacteria.

Drink and Excrete

Water and fibre ie Drink lots of water and go to the loo.. (insert poo emoji)

We can’t digest fibre so it’s excreted but not before taking toxins which are attached to our intestinal wall with it. Water will help hydrate you and also assist in flushing these toxins out. So make sure you eat your veggies and that your bowel movements are regular (weird and necessary) (insert happy poor emojis)!!

Long story short;

EAT GOOD YUMMY WHOLESOME FOOD (okaaaaay so not hard)



DO THE DOO DOO (insert poo emoji)

= Increase energy, clear mental state, feel and look better.

Im off to eat some kimchi.


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