The 5 Benefits of Zinc

Zinc is not only a topical ingredient in our SPF 30 skincare, but it also has many other uses and benefits for the body when taken internally or applied externally. Zinc is an essential mineral our body needs to perform many of its daily functions! We want you to be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself and be living your life to your ultimate potential with these little tips and tricks, or maybe just to learn something new!

Protects your skin

First and foremost, zinc, better known in the skincare world
as zinc oxide, provides a physical barrier from UV rays and
acts as a powerful ingredient to offer anti-inflammatory and
anti-bacterial properties. Cellbone’s zinc based SPF 30 can
be used anywhere on the body and is safe for every member
of the family! The soothing formulation has a slight tint to it
so it can combat redness or rosacea skin tones.


Protects your Reduces Acne

Oral Zinc, taken in the form of supplements over the counter at your local health food shop or chemist, can offer a reduction in acne. Zinc is essential for the body to heal wounds so ensuring you are hitting your daily zinc goal is a must – aim for 8mg daily for women and 11mg for Men.

Strengthens the Immune system

zinc is found throughout cells in the body and plays and important role in helping cells grow and divide, that’s including our precious skin cells. The body needs zinc to fight off infections and to assist in the wound healing response.

Reduces the risk of Depression

A study conducted by Froniters In Pharmacology correlated the importance of appropriate zinc mineral levels in the body to the management and reduction of depression.

Treats rashes and eczema flares

Topical zinc is a great treatment option for skin flares that can leave you feeling uncomfortable and sore. Zinc’s properties applying alleviation of heat by reducing the inflammation and soothing the area.

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Are you on the lookout for the signs you may be zinc deficient? This can include hair loss, diarrhea, eye and skin problems, and loss of appetite, sense of smell and taste.  We always recommend seeking your physicians care for more information on diagnosis. 

Coming Soon – A new ultra-silky-smooth formulation of SPF for Cellbone containing zinc oxide, L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and many other antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredients.

By Riley McDonald 
Dermal therapist at CosmediSpa