The Perfect Product Routine for Sun-damaged Skin

Sun damage can appear in your skin as a littering of freckles, large dark splotches in an uneven pattern or noticeable patches of broken capillaries and/or redness. Excessive, unprotected exposure to the sun and its damaging UV rays can be blamed for these pesky marks. The varying shades of brown pigment is caused by the changes the body takes to protect your DNA from UV damage. 

The pigment producing cell, a melanocyte, makes increasing amounts of melanin (brown coloured deposits) to darken the skin, revealing a tan. Melanin absorbs UV rays and prevents light from damaging skin cells. However, due to over-exposure, the melanocyte can begin malfunctioning resulting in uneven patches of pigment surfacing on the skin. 

This pigmentation can be reduced through a diligent homecare routine of products, and that is what we are here today to help guide you with! Pigment can also be caused by other factors like genetics or hormones. Even if you experience other types of pigmentation such as melasma or hyperpigmentation, these products will still offer an incredible benefit for you!

Morning Routine

Step 1. 

The Mandelic Cleanser is a non-abrasive, exfoliating foaming cleanser with a combination of powerful yet non-irritating AHA’s, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to promote a clear complexion. This step is your first go to in the morning and evening. Mandelic acid is scientifically proven to reduce pigmentation and gently exfoliate the skin, ready for a smooth application or serums & moisturisers.

Step 2. 

No homecare routine is ever complete without an eye cream. The Eye Contour is a cocktail of vital peptides which help to instantly boost brightness in the tissue surrounding the eyes resulting in a reduction of dark circles & puffiness. Applied morning and evening, only around the eye area.

Step 3.

The Mandelic-C Rejuvenating Serum is a lightweight, powerful combination of 23% L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and Mandelic Acid – the best combination for pigment decline!  This serum protects skin cells from UV rays, destructive free radicals and effectively prevents premature signs of ageing.  It decreases the production of melanin caused by environmental factors and/or hormonal changes, resulting in a more even skin tone as the brown spots of pigmentation fade away and strengthens capillary walls to reduce appearance of redness/inflammation and broken capillaries.

Step 4.

The Hydra Repair Skin Gel is an oil-free yet moisturising/hydrating serum with multiple potent ingredients to repair cell damage and cell barrier function. Not only does is fight and protect he skin from environmental free radicals and repair DNA damage to the skin cells, is also diminishes pigmentation by reducing the enzyme tyrosinase that contributes to the pigment-producing process, all while aiding in cell metabolism to regulate hormonal balance in the cells.

Step 5. 

This highly concentrated AcroWhite Skin Lightening Serum is loaded with active ingredients and is purely created to help remove & prevent stagnant pigmentation. 

The AcroWhite functions by inhibiting melanin formation in the skin with visible lightening benefits, b locks the binding and transfer of melanocytes (pigment causing cells) therefore reducing the formation of melanin (pigment). This fades dark spots and blemishes and lightens skin by blocking enzymes which cause cells to darken. The result? The clearing of stagnant melanin to brighten & even your skin tone!

Step. 6

Sun protection is a must! The SPF 45 Moisturising Cream helps to protect the skin from the harsh effects of the sun as well as moisturising the skin to prevent and reverse the signs of ageing. This specifically curated SPF absorbs the energy from UVA & UVB rays preventing UV induced free radical damage to the ski and aids in fading pigmentation and preventing the production of further pigmentation. The added protection from free radical damage lightens and brightens the skin by treating any stubborn pigmentation.

Evening Routine

Step 1. After you cleanse the skin with the Mandelic Cleanser and apply your Eye Contour cream, the Mandelic Skin Refresher can be used 2-3 times per week to assist in exfoliation of dead skin cells and improve pigment appearance. It’s a refreshing liquid exfoliator and ‘after cleanse’ astringent which is loaded with powerful yet non- irritating AHA’S and BHA’S, antibacterial and anti – inflammatory ingredients giving the ability to exfoliate the skin without causing harsh abrasion. 

Alternatively, if you’re more of a mask girly, you can use the Mandelic Lucent Clarifying Gel Mask. An intensive yet low irritant purifying and repairing gel mask with rich source of powerful decongestant, antibacterial and healing properties that lightens and brightens the skin by treating stubborn pigmentation and protecting from environmental free radicals.

Step 2.The final step to round out your pigment-banishing routine is Retinol, a powerful concentration of Vitamin A that amplifies cellular turnover. Created in a mildly hydrating cream base, it also helps to deliver active ingredients into the skin’s layer to refresh and revitalise the skin.  Did you know that Retinol enters your DNA and can repair it? Goodbye sun-damaged skin, hello to a glowingly even complexion! The Cellbone range offers retinol in different percentages that are best designed for various skin types. Chat to one of our friendly team members to find which is best for you!

By Riley McDonald

Dermal Therapist

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